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Managing Your School Estate


Courses Overview:

A new one-day course for school business managers designed to raise their awareness and understanding of best practice in managing and maintaining premises and facilities. The course addresses the needs of maintained schools, multi-academy trusts, academies and free schools throughout the UK.

The course objective is to help personnel become more self reliant, reduce costs and obtain value for money in complying with DfE guidance on estate management, statutory regulations and best practice in maintaining and running school premises. Effective management and maintenance of premises saves money and enhances capital value. The course will prove invaluable in preparing for inspections and putting together a business case for funding for improvements to premises.

Teaching methods include the use of handouts, sample reports, risk assessment templates, checklists, website links and case studies, which will serve as a continuing source of reference for participants.

Reasons why you should attend

  • Occupying and using premises are a significant cost to governing/trustees boards
  • Well maintained, fit for purpose and compliant property assets are critical to the delivery of learning and education
  • Unravel the confusion between statutory requirements and best practice
  • Keep up to-date with statutory requirements and trends
  • Planned preventative building maintenance maximizes cost savings and provides better value for money
  • Deferring building maintenance could result in the closure of the premises
  • Premises management carried out with minimal environmental impact and low carbon solutions

Learning outcomes

  1. Demystifying and ability to implement the DfE guidance on estate management.
  2. Understand how to adopt a cost effective approach to statutory compliance relating to premises.
  3. Realise how the effective management of premises and facilities achieves value for money and is an aid to managing risk.
  4. Awareness that good practice in premises maintenance management helps in controlling costs and maintains the value of property assets.

1. Session 1 – Fundamentals of good estate management
a. Estate strategy and development plans
b. Putting asset management plans into practice
c. Getting to knowing your buildings

2. Session 2 – Managing key risks to health and safety pragmatically
a. Health and safety policy
b. Fire safety
c. Water hygiene and safety
d. Electrical and gas safety
e. Asbestos and hazardous materials

3. Session 3 – Managing the premises and facilities
a. Accessibility, suitability, design and layout
b. Leases – landlord and tenant repairing and maintenance obligations
c. Reducing energy consumption and providing renewable supplies
d. Security and emergency plans
e. Boundary issues, car parks and trees

4. Session 4 – Maintaining the premises and facilities
a. Building maintenance good practice – planned maintenance, surveys and
b. Property maintenance plans
c. Common building defects – symptoms, causes, remedies and prevention
d. Prioritising and budgeting for building repairs and improvements
e. Compiling bids for funding

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