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First Principles of Planning and Scheduling

Project Management

Courses Overview:

This is a new Foundation level course. The course will be based around standard Planning and Scheduling techniques and methodologies.

The inclusion of the practical application of techniques, via training exercises, is paramount to delegates gaining an understanding of the basic calculations and results that computer based systems so readily generate. All training exercises will be manual (pen, paper, flip chart etc.) followed by delegate discussion on results. No specific computer based toolsets) will be utilised although examples of available toolsets will be discussed briefly towards the end of the course.

Benefits of this course:

  • To appreciate the importance and benefits of a good quality planning process to the overall success of a project.
  • To understand the basic principles of Plan and Schedule development.
  • To understand the inter-relationship(s) between scope, time, resource requirements and performance as part of an integrated planning approach.
  • Consider the impact of ‘Change’ on the Schedule and Resource Requirements/Availability
  • Benefit from a post seminar helpline


  • Determine the required ‘Building Blocks’ and logical steps necessary to create a Critical Path based schedule.
  • Determine a Critical Path through the use of ‘Forward and Backward Pass’ techniques.
  • Define and integrate Resource Requirements / Availability as part of the scheduling process.
  • Understand the relationship)s) between the Baseline Plan and the Current Forecast Plan.
  • Interpret the impacts of the status update cycle on the Baseline / Project Deliverables

Consider the impact of ‘Change’ on the Schedule and Resource Requirements/Availability

Course Plan

  • Module 1 – Project Model
  • Module 2 – What Is Planning?
  • Module 3 – Project Structures
  • Module 4 – Planning Techniques
  • Module 5 – Time Analysis
  • Module 6 – Resource Allocation
  • Module 7 – Progressing the Plan
  • Module 8 – Analysing the Plan
  • Module 10 – Reporting & Taking Action
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