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Building Mental Resilience in you and your Team

Project Management

Courses Overview:

This workshop will benefits managers who lead teams both in person and virtually. It will enable them to better understand how to build their own mental toughness but also that of their teams.
They will understand what mental toughness is and is not. They will understand the behaviours associated with high and low levels. They learn the importance and relationship emotional intelligence has with mental toughness.

The course will appeal to both new and more experienced managers who are seeking to be able to get more out of themselves and their teams while preserving mental wellbeing.


By completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand what mental toughness is and is not
  • Be able to understand how people think and behave based on their level of mental toughness
  • List the six ways in which mental toughness can be developed
  • Appreciate the ways in which team resilience can be developed
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