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A Practical Guide to Dilapidations, Party Walls and Rights to Light

Project Management

Courses Overview:

This 1 day course is designed to provide a practical insight into the law and practice of dilapidations, party walls and rights to light, that the design, construction and property management team could face.

This course is geared to provide a detailed examination of building surveys and inspections for the majority of low rise commercial and residential building types.


Course Content:

• Creation of the repairing obligation
• Interpretation of the repairing obligation
• Breach of the repairing obligation
• Nature of action required to remedy the repairing obligation
• Enforcement of the repairing obligation
• Litigation and the pre-action protocol
• Practical issues

The Party Wall Act 1996
• The background to the Act, its application, definition of terms used including ‘Party Wall’, ‘Party Fence Wall’ and ‘Party Structure’
• Procedures, notices and counter notices
• Rights and obligations, building and adjoining owner, rights of entry
• Disputes, appointing surveyors, third surveyor
• Awards, expenses
• Construction of new boundary party walls, special foundations, adjacent excavations, excavating in proximity of neighbouring buildings
• Modifications and repairs to existing party walls
• The appointment, role and powers of Party Wall Surveyors

Rights to Light
• What is a right to light?
• How is a right to light acquired?
• How can a right to light be lost?
• How is a right infringed?
• What remedies are available for infringement of rights to light?

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