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CDM 2015: Principal Designer – 2 Day

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Courses Overview:

Since 1995 CSC has provided training for thousands of delegates associated with CDM 94 & 7. The revised CDM regulations 2015 came into force on the 6th April and CSC are continuing to provide effective and dynamic training for these regulations.

They contain important changes related to when and how they are applied, including changes to detailed requirements on various duty holders and associated documentation. The new role of the principal designer needs careful consideration and is not a direct replacement of the CDM Coordinator. If you are appointed or may be appointed as the PD you need to understand what to do and how to carry out the role.

Not knowing that you are the PD could be a very expensive mistake to make and could lead to a criminal prosecution which your professional indemnity insurance will not protect you against. This 2-day course is designed to give delegates not only a clear and concise overview of the regulations and the associated guidance but explores the PD’s role in depth.


Delegates are advised that it is helpful to attend the course with a copy of L153 Document.

• Background to H&S legislation
• HSE objectives for CDM 2015
• General application of CDM 2015
• Phases and parties
• The General Principles of Prevention
• The Regulations, ACOP and Guidance
• Client duties
• Application to domestic client duties
• General duties
• Duties of Designers
• Duties of a Principal Designer PD
• Duties of a Principal Contractor PC
• Duties of Contractors
• The Pre-Construction Information PCI
• The Construction Phase Plan CPP
• The Health and Safety File H&S File
• Part 4 General requirements for all Construction Sites
• Schedule 2 Welfare facilities
• Determination of skills, knowledge, expertise and organisational capabilities.
• Elaboration of what is design and who are designers
• When do Designers duties apply?
• Designers general duties reg.8
• Designers duties reg.9
• Concept of Risk Assessment
• Hazard and Risk
• The Design process
• The general principles of prevention in relation to a Designer
• SFARP and foreseeable risks
• Providing information
• Significant risks
• Recording the process?
• Workplace
• Designs prepared outside GB
• Red, amber & green lists for Designers
• Elaboration of who is or can be the PD
• Appointment of a PD
• PD general duties reg.8
• PD duties reg.11
• Plan, manage, monitor and co-ordinate
• Identify, eliminate or control
• Ensure Designers comply with their duties
• PD and the PCI
• Liaising with the PC
• PD and the CPP
• PD and the H&S File
• Controlling and recording the PD’s duties

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