Recognising and managing anxiety

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Recognising and managing anxiety

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Courses Overview:

A surprising number of people suffer with anxiety at some point in their life. Often, it is short-term but many people suffer for years. It affects they way that we think and behave and will often result in behaviour being misinterpreted as a little disruptive, or in us believing the person lacks competence in work (when it may just be confidence).

We don’t expect managers to solve the problem. BUT being aware of the symptoms of anxiety allows managers to adopt different strategies when managing people to support the individual better and help reduce the negative effects that anxiety can have on them, their colleagues and their output.


By completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Describe what anxiety is and what it isn’t
  • Discuss the impact of anxiety on colleagues, on productivity and working life
  • Explain the role of the manager, employer and colleague of an anxious person – and the role of the sufferer
  • Make sensible comparisons between anxiety and physical illnesses
  • Produce a plan to define the action you will take to address the stigma attached to anxiety with a view to improving productivity
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