JCT: Working with JCT Minor Works and Intermediate Contracts 2016

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JCT: Working with JCT Minor Works and Intermediate Contracts 2016

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Courses Overview:

This 1 day course reviews the JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2016 and JCT Intermediate Building Contract 2016 and the setting up and administration of the forms and explains their use in a practical manner revamped to explain the new and amended provisions of the 2016 contracts.

Often, due to their targeted use with small and intermediate scale works, minor works and intermediate contracts are entered without real understanding or knowledge about what the implications will be.

Benefits of this course:

  • Recognising when IFC and minor works are appropriate
  • Ability to select the correct contract to meet the project
  • Appreciate the weaknesses and pitfalls of minor works and IFC focusses and when other forms are used
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities within the JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2016 and the

Intermediate Building Contract 2016

  • Learn the impact of time issues and how they are managed within the contract
  • Gain an understanding of payment requirements within the contract
  • Benefit from a post-seminar helpline
  • Understand the advances of the IFC and minor work contracts to ensure time, cost and quantity are managed successfully.

Introduction – using the appropriate form of contract
• Importance of adopting the right form
• Risks of inappropriate use of JCT Minor Works Contract 2016 and Intermediate Building Contract 2016
• Main criteria for choosing the right form
• Advantages and disadvantages of simplified contract conditions
• Other forms available
• Contract Documentation
• Amendments
• Conflict of documents
• Terms – express/implied
• Content of the form
• Project specific matters

Execution of the works
• Contractor’s general obligations
• Architect’s/contract administrator’s power and authority
• Instructions
• Statutory obligations
• Materials and workmanship
• Defects and making it good
• Insurance
• Sub-contractors and assignment
• Design
• Possession of the site
• Practical and late completion
• Extension of time – events and contractual mechanism
• Progress requirements
• Suspension
• Liquidated and ascertained damages
• Sectional completion

Payment, valuations and variations
• Flexibility of pricing documents
• Certificates and payments, interim and final measurement
• Variations
• Provisional sums
• Loss and/or expense
• Interest
• Payment for offsite goods and materials
• Common law claims

The New Construction Act
• Brief review of the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 and its impact on payment and adjudication provisions.

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