Giving feedback and having difficult conversations

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Giving feedback and having difficult conversations

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Courses Overview:

The health of an organisation, team or relationship can be measured by the lag between a problem being identified and the time it takes to discuss the problem in a healthy, open and transparent way.

The problem is, people often get angry, ruminate, do unnecessary work or complain to others. This leads to siloed teams, resentment, and poor behaviour we all despise.

Unresolved conflict is one of the biggest barriers to organisational performance. If we can’t talk openly, then nothing will change.


By completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • Build the conditions that allow your team to win
  • Develop team spirit with the super powers of trust, clarity and kindness that drive tough conversations.
  • Colleagues will no longer be consumed by niggles that grow into resentment. The energy will now be targeted at key areas which drive results.
  • When team members care about each other enough to make themselves uncomfortable and willing to have a tough conversation, this creates the basis of high performing teams.
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