Getting to Grips with NEC Suite of Contracts including NEC 4 Amendments

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Getting to Grips with NEC Suite of Contracts including NEC 4 Amendments

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Courses Overview:

This refreshed 1 day course provides an intensive updated overview of the full range of NEC 3 & 4 contracts for construction professionals. The course sets out the various procurement options within the NEC4 suites of documents as well as dealing with the nuances of contracting under NEC 3 & 4 forms.

NEC has become one of the foremost used forms of contract in the industry. It provides a project management solution through the whole life cycle, from concept to handover, be that in supply, professional service or works contracts

Delegates will gain an understanding of the evolution of the NEC form, and gather skills, expertise and hints to ensure the smooth running of projects.

As well as explaining the workings of the current editions the seminar identifies how previous editions evolved by explaining differences between 2nd, 3rd and 4th editions making this course suitable for those new to NEC or those with limited experience.

An appreciation and awareness of the scope of NEC 3 & 4 contracts can be pivotal to successful projects; and it can serve as advantageous background knowledge across a vast array of industries.

Benefits of this course:

  • Comprehend the use of the different NEC 3 & 4 forms, and their significant features
  • Appreciate the range of the NEC 3 & 4 forms, and it’s evolution
  • Recognise why the NEC3 & 4 is so different to other standard forms
  • Benefit from a post-seminar helpline facility
  • Gain from interaction with a qualified speaker, who has years of experience in the field to draw from
  • Learn the vital mechanisms of the NEC3 & 4

Understand the changes from NEC3 to NEC4


• NEC3 & 4; Structure and content, putting an NEC contract together
• The language and philosophy

NEC Family of Contracts and Documents
• The Engineering and Construction Contract
• Main options; secondary options; associated documents
• The Subcontract
• The Adjudicator’s Contract
• Term Service Contract
• The Professional Services Contract
• The NEC Short Contract and Subcontract
• Framework Contract
• Term Service Short Contract
• Amendments (2011) New Construction Act
• Amendments to NEC4

Allocation of Risks and Responsibilities
• Design obligations
• Unforeseen conditions
• Project manager
• Pricing mechanisms
• Changes
• Supervisor

Preparing the Contract
• Site information
• Works information
• Tenders and acceptance
• Contract data

Management Procedures
• Communications
• Progress reporting
• Programme requirements
• Early warning notices
• Risk register

Compensation events
• Time and money events
• Assessments
• Schedule of costs components
• Quotations
• Defined cost
• Notifications
• Fee
• Timescales and deemed acceptance

Payment Procedures
• Pricing mechanism
• Price adjustments
• Retention
• Target cost
• Valuation schemes
• Interest

Other contract families
• Compare NEC with other contract families including JCT and PPC 2000 – main features.

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