Getting More Done In A Day: A Time and Self – Management Course

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Getting More Done In A Day: A Time and Self – Management Course

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Courses Overview:

A One Day Time and Self – Management Course Outline

This one-day course changes the way people work. The average delegate thinks that they are doing, “OK” in handling their large workload and, “Feel swamped because that is how modern work is”. At the end of the course they leave amazed at how much more control they are able to gain over their schedule and how much more productive they can become, simply by applying the 10 Ps of time management. This course sometimes sees grown men weep, as they realise that they could have spent 100’s of hours less at work and still achieved the same result! The course changes people’s work – life balance and the work environment for its participants – Forever.

Benefits of this course – You will:

  • Learn the difference between efficiency and effectiveness and what extra productivity results from applying the right one?
  • Learn about the 4 Quadrants of time, and exactly, how “Urgent” will be beaten by “Important”, most of the time, to create a happy and much improved work environment
  • Finally understand and know the implications of both urgents – Your urgent, and, their urgent
  • Identify your main Time Robbers and so win back valuable hours for yourself
  • Understand the 10 critical Ps’ of effective time management to reduce your stress levels and bring back a sense of control at work
  • Know how to allocate your time to become 35% more effective
  • Gain back control of your diary by learning the correct and professional use of the word “NO!”
  • Claim back a healthy and manageable work-life balance

Where do we start? The difference between efficiency and Effectiveness
Which will get you to better outcomes and how?
– Exercises – Working out which you are doing more of, at the moment

Mapping Out Your KRA – Key Results Area
Here, we dig deep into the content of your daily role and ask you what you need to do to finish and achieve your goals? – What is important, urgent, unnecessary or, actually, a waste of your time?

Eisenhower’s Time Effectiveness Matrix
Mapping your list of daily tasks onto a 2X2 matrix. Where do your work actions fit? – There are four quadrants and only one quadrant moves you forwards at pace

Time Management Flow Chart
Are you dealing well with incoming work requests? (Most people are not.)
Here, we discuss what type of task goes where, how you should deal specifically with different types of work, and, how you should decide exactly what to do next within each working day
Exercise – Using a set of cards, we ask you to construct a flow chart that is maximally effective in your work

The A.P.P.L.E.S. Technique – A proven method for assessing and filling in an effective one or two week work schedule, and, to know that you are doing the right things, not doing the wrong things, and, leaving nothing important out
– Discussion and practice in the group
Exercise – Anticipating and practicing planning your next one or two weeks

The 10 P’s of Great Personal Time Management
We share with you the 10 proven best ideas to really make a difference in the work output you can achieve, given the limits presented by your role, the demands of your clients and the complex life you lead.

Time Robbers and Interrupters
It is external interruptions that take up too much of your working week and erode your effectiveness in getting work done on time, to standard, and, to everybody’s satisfaction

– How to deal with external threats to your most precious resource – time
– Assertive language to create a valuable work completion zone – Golden time

Action Plan and Implementation
Exercise – What will you Stop? Start? & Continue to do?

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