A Winner’s Guide to Communication and Negotiation Skills

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A Winner’s Guide to Communication and Negotiation Skills

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Courses Overview:

This 1 day interactive course will appeal to professionals dealing with both simple and complex negotiations and wishing to actively avoid escalation and legal claims. Delegates will learn how to prepare for the unexpected, win from a weak position and create relationships that work despite conflict. They will be given a series of practical tips and techniques and have the chance to perfect their skills, with plenty of practice, in a safe but realistic environment.

This course will appeal to both newer negotiators, who are now beginning to work with contracts, and to more experienced professionals, who are seeking to review and sharpen their skills.

Benefits of this course:

  • Understand the various negotiating styles and the key necessary communication skills to deal with each one successfully
  • Gain knowledge of the issues within negotiation and communication and learn the techniques that work best to handle them
  • Learn the tools and tips needed for negotiation success
  • Get to grips with resolving and reversing conflict quickly and cheaply
  • Pick up additional techniques and solutions that will save you hours, 1,000s of pounds and a good deal of stress too

Where do we start?
• Introduction – What is the current cost of negotiation failure? What are the benefits of good negotiation?
• What always goes wrong? – The conflict between price and profit and the “big lie” in the world of construction
• Power – Have you got it or not? And, how to win, even without it

Getting Clarity on the Issues
• Communication Skills – Listening, acknowledgement and relationship building – Attention and trust
• A look at simple ways to isolate issues – The E.P.I.C. technique
• The issues – What is personal, commercial, emotional and relevant?
• Checklist menu of preparation tools with how and when to use them

• Separating interests from positions, people from problems and facts from emotions
• Setting levels – Best position, best alternative position, best alternative to a negotiated agreement, walk away point and the “cost of not”
• Exploring must haves, tradeables and S.A.F.T. – Solution Away From Table
• Gauging the sensitivities of the opposite team – Verbal and non-verbal signs
• Creating and uncovering greater value for both parties
• Using time, difference and power in your favour

Negotiation Tools and Tips
• A run through of the most effective current techniques in negotiation from the Harvard School and around the world
• Generating options, choices and solutions to have more to distribute
• Linkage and de-linkage
• Different styles and how to work with them
• The 7 arguments
• High – low perceived value exchange – How to trade

Conflict Resolution
• Protecting yourself and putting escalation measures in place
• Challenging assumptions, judgments and perceptions
• Minding your language, body language and tone
• Re-establishing a civilised working base to get more from any deal

• There will be several interactive exercises in which delegates will be able to practice in realistic scenarios as well as observe the different aspects and stages of a typical construction negotiation

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