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Effective communication & negotiation skills for construction and property professionals

Environment, Property & Regulation

Courses Overview:

This RECENTLY UP-DATED 1 DAY COURSE is for construction and property professionals wishing to rapidly build their power and impact in negotiations, pitches and business meetings.

It will give you the skills and confidence to write, present and get the best deal for yourself and your company.

There will be interactive group work to bring out your issues and deal with them safely in a dynamic and energetic atmosphere. This training session will be fast, fun and informative.


Matthew Hill
Matthew Hill is an author, broadcaster and master trainer with more than 10 year’s experience of coaching people like you to reach their goals, improve the quality of their lives and find their voice to influence and assert their wishes.

He has worked with such companies as Tesco, General Electric, Vodafone and Mercedes Benz.


* Fantasic ideas and approaches
* Excellent – I was very pleasantly surprised !


Are they Listening?
• What is your message?
• Who are your audience?
• How will you connect and get through to them?
• What always goes wrong?
• Top tips to improve, influence and convince.

The secret of writing well
• How to get attention, instantly!
• How to build interest, desire and generate ACTION
• Writing for a purpose and with intention
• Developing your communication style and finding your VOICE

Presenting in public
• Kill the fear and find your confidence and inner strength
• Get into the right state mentally and emotionally
• Form your message, hone your message and OWN your message
• Connect with the audience and build great rapport
• Move your audience to engage, interact and take ACTION

Negotiation builder
• Do you have power? Discover your natural AUTHORITY
• What do you want? Define your OUTCOMES
• Who are you up against? Learn to defend against ANY argument
• The science of success – What professionals know and do
• Common mistakes and how to successfully avoid them

Negotiations 101
• Perfect preparation for powerful performance
• Psychology and language – the keys to winning more
• The other party – know them, match them and win together
• Beyond your position and theirs – What are both of your INTERESTS?
• Must haves, tradeables, like to haves, walk-aways and more
• Non-verbal skills and persuasion

Conflict resolution
• Preparation for success – winning strategies for reversing disputes
• Raising self awareness – knowing your conflict style, and theirs
• Communication under stress – what to do and NEVER do
• Isolating issues and separating them from the noise in the room
• Resolving your differences ethnically, deeply and permanently
• Preventing recurrence and recrimination

There will be interactive group work to bring out your issues and deal with them safely in a dynamic and energetic atmosphere. This training session will be fast, fun and informative.


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