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JCT: At the Cutting Edge of JCT 2016 Contracts

Commercial & Contract Law

Courses Overview:

This 1 day course prepares delegates to proficiently deal with the JCT contracts suite in the construction industry. The revised 2016 JCT contracts are mandatory knowledge for contractors, sub-contractors, project managers, designers and construction professionals, and this course caters to everyone by introducing the whole suite and explaining the 2016 changes.

Our highly experienced speakers will delve into the world of JCT contracts, and guide delegates to feeling confident in approaching and dealing with JCT Standard Building, Intermediate Building and Minor Works Contracts, and Framework Agreement, Repair and Maintenance and Measured Term Contracts; as well as understanding and being aware of the other contracts in the JCT 2016 suite.

Benefits of this course:

  • Hear real, practical, anecdotal evidence of pitfalls from professionally qualified and practising speakers
  • Interact with the speaker to resolve questions throughout the day
  • Benefit from a post-seminar helpline facility
  • Understand the evolution of the JCT contract suite
  • Appreciate the extent of the suite of the JCT contracts
  • Recognise the difference JCT has to other standard forms
  • Be cognisant of the approach that JCT provides to contract
  • Receive tips to ensure maximum recovery though the contracts and minimise delays, poor quality and losses.

Cross-Contract Changes
• Section headings and integration of sectional completion
• Simplification
• Abbreviation and modernisation of wording
• Changes in dispute resolution provisions
• Review of extension of time and L&E clauses
• Removal of statutory material and procedural matters
• Appendix

JCT 2016 Standard Building Contract
• Integrated options built into the contract for contractor’s design portion
• Division of work into sections
• Third party rights
• Subcontractor collateral warranties
• Design document procedures
• PL Insurance
• Exclusions from SBC 2016
• Review of adjustment to completion date and L&E provisions
• Comparison with earlier 2011 forms
• Related sub-contracts

JCT 2016 Intermediate Building Contract & With Contractor’s Design
• Changes, including new design version
• Names sub-contractors
• Division of the works
• Inclusion for collateral warranties

JCT 2016 Minor Works Building Contract & With Contractor’s Design
• Replaces JCT MW 1998
• Traditional form and with a “contractor design versions

JCT 2016 Framework Agreement
• Non-binding and binding versions
• Role and legal status of the Framework Agreement
• Organisational structures
• Decision-making and collaborative-working
• Supply chains
• Confidentiality
• Health and safety
• Environmental considerations
• Value engineering
• Change control
• Problem solving
• Termination

JCT Repair and Maintenance Contract (commercial)
• For simple, “one-off” jobs

JCT Measured Term Contract
• Formatting changes
• Simplification of pricing mechanisms

• Standard Building Contract
• Design and Build
• Intermediate
• Minor Works
• Generic subcontract

Construction Management Appointment
Management Contract
Collateral Warranties
The New Construction Act

• Brief review of the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 and its impact on payment and adjudication provisions together with a review of recent legal cases and their potential impact.

Commercial & Contract Law training

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